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And oh, in the real estate section, I write in the belief that getting one's price either in selling or buying can cause sheer glee. My job then is to cause glee.*

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    ok, I had a real estate lapse this morning and got all caught up in an idea Pam and Rod Owens and I shared once - the idea of perfect small space as a first and early purchase for someone (not to mention a late and last purchase for someone). Look at this incredible design for limited square footage, and yes, it's in NY. love the photos! (and to mention my grandson Satchel put me onto years ago - such a clever guy).

    When Pam and I first glommed onto this idea, we were thinking what a wonderful idea to find some appropriate (near downtown Louisville or the University) land -- wouldn't need to be a large area -- to build such a project! Much needed. Now, being such a senior myself, I think how marvelous such units could be for a small senior housing idea with a shared community room for tech equipment and visiting space for a group to share costs, including medical visits!

    The Snow Flies, Still!

    I remember well how long winters can last in New York. This one, we're told, is especially bad in terms of snow, ice, and temperatures only bested back in the late 60s. So far, it has not bothered me at all. I have thought on many a day, what it was like to sell homes during the snowy months and for how long I did just that, boots, truck, snow shovel and an average of about 12 falls a winter. Those mornings of getting the kids wrapped up and out the door, heading down to Market Street where we were responsible for shoveling our walks along the city street, the entry - ours to maintain. Then, fast forward to Louisville where for 12 winters, I barely donned a coat. Here we are, back in snow country as of this past fall.

    I intended to return to work, however, instead I'm seriously facing retirement. It's a shock to me that I don't miss my work at all. I've stunned myself. True, however, is the fact that with the phone not ringing, I've shed the anxiety that goes with the myriad of unknowns associated with the years of real estate curves. Up and down has become what is steady. Sleep has returned to my life and the knots in my tummy have smoothed. With no serious need at the moment and staving off my natural tendency to worry long term, it may remain true that I retire. There, I've said it and I appreciate all the yeahs from David, Alex, Jord and Lizzie (not to mention my envious realtors friends who state their approval in just those words) so very much. Surely over the next months I'll come to grips with my new status?


    So much to be passed on while observing NY Real Estate Sales. First, no one stops working as the snow flies! Feed the birds, plow the drive and go! Not working has led to a new kind of contribution as I keep my fingers in the pie back home. Five to six new agents have joined and I relish the phone calls from my old office as they rope a new one. So proud of the continued effort to reach the goal of 100 agents. I'm focused on the recruiting calendar and schedule with some new marketing ideas - prodding in a way to remind everyone of the importance in retention. Good friends, all of them.

    Greg thrives and laughs at me when I tell him how odd it feels not to be on call, not to have triple booked myself for an afternoon except in minutae here, or Jack time. Greg is young and has the keen sense of the running back he was in college; still. It will be an interesting year for him as he's going to be President of the Board of Realtors while listing/selling and growing the team. I'm grateful to have him. Learning through the family company locally is valuable to share - nothing more important than appraisal in our business. Don is a Master with wisdom to spare. It was good to talk family interests with Jordan over Christmas. The surrounding counties here brimming in value. All good for the start of 2015.

    All In !!

    At last, several months later, following the sale in Louisville and a late closing here in NY, we are in our new house in Fishkill Woods. I keep pinching myself that it all actually occurred. There were some extremely tense moments as with any move and I think, because I wanted this last move (and we say - NO MORE) so badly, I probably felt it more deeply than was necessary. Found this quote about fear yesterday . . . and sent it to my Jordan (who sells as I have done throughout my career); we know the risks and rewards of a commissioned income life! Here's to the fortitude of good salespeople!

    ​"In portaging from one river to another, Wabanakis (A confederation of Algonquin and others - Maine and north) had to carry their canoes and all other possessions. Everyone knew the value of traveling light and understood that it required leaving some things behind. Nothing encumbered movement more than fear, which was often the most difficult burden to surrender."

    Bunny McBride, Women of the Dawn . . .

    My last sale, my own!

    So tomorrow is the last transaction at which I will sit, participate! The sale and closing of my own beautiful house with buyers who seem to want to be here as much as I did when I purchased. Every buyer is different, every family has their own album of history. Selling to Louisvillians who've never lived anywhere else is somehow appropriate - rather than to a transient flyer such as we have become, it seems right to sell to the "most likely buyer" chiming in with what we practice in this business each day. We knew they would be our age or older and likely for cash - both true; the good news is the market is up considerably and I've gained more than I expected and am extremely grateful for that as it helps entering NY again where taxes are so much higher.

    To all the agents I leave behind in the wake we've shared - I wish the best of luck selling, especially a treasured few and to the Management Team I've been a part of, I sincerely hope others will recognize the value of having such caring Broker/Owners willing to provide a leg up to success by the way they run the office. I've sold my own and only one day in the MLS system as the buyers came from the previous OPEN House (just as I sold Steuben Street in Corning). Seems to be a way with me. OPEN SUCCESS! Just wish I were closing with my law office, not - don't usually lose control of such choices, but my buyer ruled. Should be fine. I was looking forward to that PayDay candy bar from Dennis, Linda and Russell. Sure have worked with some fine fine people, and for all the easy going ways, and manners galore, I'll look back, I will.