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    What This Realtor Really Thinks!



    Having been in real estate most of my life, I've struggled with the natural disasters that have eaten up a portion of this year and now fill our aching hearts as thousands of people suffer having lost everything. To lose one's home, when I know through experience, buying that home in the first place is considered one of life's greatest stressors, slowly becoming one's major asset. A storm. A fire. Home, gone with everything assembled in a lifetime inside. Such an event can take pricing higher in key areas - and for all that can be good in this world, that cannot happen at this moment. Can the market be held back, can we say no?

    Our government is lost in the hands of a near despot and people in northern California, Houston and Florida are hurting, Puerto Rico ignored, so subsidies and aid is unknown at this point. In my lifetime, we have not experience this much loss in housing. WHAT WILL WE DO? I chose this photo from the Cotswold in England where homes are well over 100 years old, someone the loss of an historic dwelling is a deep example.

    Still got it . . . via those I love

    I'm now in NY and he's still pounding the pavement, the phones in Louisville and people love him. I did. I do. We've stayed in touch and he knows I miss not a minute of the work itself, but I do get sentimental when I think of those I believed in rising to their own heights; gives me literal chills. Greg rose. Battling a hundred instincts to make change, Greg has eased up to do what brings out the best of himself, he just gives. And gives and gives. After so many years together, lunches at the corner where we would strategize and yes, grumble, even wish ill upon, well, stop - we went high. Greg became his own business with good help, became President of the Board, 4,000+ agents and then, then!!! REALTOR OF THE YEAR. I could not be more proud. Love this picture of him, years ago, relaxed, one of the guys and I hope maybe understanding, all eyes were on him. love ya Greggy, so much. Come to NY soon.

    Good Agents, All Shapes & Colors 

    Lately I've been lucky to place several referrals with agents I'm so proud to recommend. Performance third party is not easy and to extend care to an agent in another state while providing care to a client or customer as if they were one's own? This is one action within the industry that I believe allows me real pride in my profession. Thanks so much to Anja, Geri and my own Greg for the extra time, care and good negotiation on behalf of my people. I'm a full blown peony myself with a slight tendency to become a thistle.

    Politics affect my work, past and present

    Reading the New York Times this morning, I noticed an OpEd written by a Congressman from the section of NY where I spent most of my life, working, selling real estate and raising my children. Old Republican thinking dominated that area - I watched successful young businessMEN hired by large companies, Corning, Kodak, Dresser, literally change their voter status in order to be accepted. The corridor from the border at Pennsylvania to Lewis County in the north (straight up through Rochester, Buffalo) falters, fails, suffers. Sporting cultural problems as well as geographic difficulty, the area remains "parented" by Republican leadership. So ridiculously sad. Here's the article written by Congressman Chris Collins - who was then cremated by NYTimes readers, including me: My comment published this morning: jude Fishkill, New York 25 minutes ago The readers of the New York Times represent not only the best minds in the city, but the best readers in the country. Did you notice, Mr. Collins, that not one reader/commenter (hopefully you follow your writing follow up?) NOT ONE, agreed with your thinking. Then we notice you are a Congressman from an area of the state that suffers in so many ways from Republican lack of concern, and leadership . . . suffers from obstruction. And you assert Donald Trump will care about UPstate NY! Astounding. Do some homework.

    New York Ways

    I've been following the best idea I've seen on Social Media (facebook +), by super agent Eileen McGrath (yep, family) locally using where she lives as "advertising". Logging day by day in numbers, photos of local interest, she's sure to draw a buyer in this effort. After spotting a good looking reason to be here, she takes the shot, hashtags it up and voila! It works. Need to send this back to my Louisville friends . . . those who are good at what they do!

    Great effort Eileen McGrath! Broker with Douglas Elliman in Westchester . . . Katonah is lucky to have her focus! Here's a link to her facebook post: