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    Only weeks left for work!

    Only a few more Xs on the calendar and we'll wrap up duties for my teaching, listing, selling and management responsibilities. Can't thank Joe, Kelly, Judy enough for the experience they've provided me at Associates to lead amongst such agents in a big and successful office. I'll be able to use that platform as I return to NY brokerage! Now to list and sell the last of my inventory; one more beauty to close other than my own. It's a wrap Louisville, you've been grand for my bio, filling in spaces for family and duty, now giving way once again for adventure in the north. Loved ya all!


    These words seem to be the mantra at the start of each day, be it a need to accomplish 20 things or to be still. With a planned move to NY now set for July, I have months to finish up my real estate work for Associates whom I have loved (all of them) and for my own ten year business of sales. Lots going on and I'm grateful for every contact, every relationship.My goal in exiting is to leave the office with a slate of work to be continued and for someone with some enthusiasm for the detail to step into my role of showing our agents work and enticing others with a yearning for growth while working shoulder to shoulder with the best in our city.

    Shouldn't be too hard to do, but will be more than hard to say goodbye!

    WINTER (reflection)

    We've had a dreadful winter! Perhaps I'm being warned of what my New York winters will be like in the future (as if I don't remember!

    Yesterday, someone said to me, "you must love your work?"
    I answered, yes I do, but it took some sorting. I shared how much we have to push aside to feel ok handling disappointments, as almost always, someONE is losing; sorting tensions from all sides and the unknown which creeps in as closings inch into place. Overcoming unkindnesses thrown at us, sometimes intentionally is the toughest part. And then, to remember kindness is our best choice no matter the circumstance. Developing this simple practice is what brings about the pleasure we find in continuing this tough career path.

    Charles Blow wrote this after Mandela died this year and I kept the words to share:
    "I like to think of it the way Zora Neale Hurston once put it: “Sometimes, I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It’s beyond me.” The person consumed by discrimination morally subjugates himself or herself, as a matter of principle, to the person free of it, leaving the person free of it with the moral high ground. Demonstrating kindness to those who have treated you cruelly is an act of moral supremacy. It is the most powerful of human exercises, because in so doing, you conquer the self and diminish your enemy."

    “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
    Charles Blow (a lesson before dying - after Mandela's death) NY Times 2013

    The Color of the Year?

    I'm going to choose this description of Pantone's Color of the Year to focus on positive notions for the month of January - not the whole year - too much for me at the moment. The accompanying words fit the mood of a determined good start which every realtor needs as the first week of January arrives with a WHITE OUT! Snow everywhere and appointments on the book, we all need to find this orchid spot in our own minds and keep going. Here are the lovely words:

    "Bold, but not overpowering, Radiant Orchid is set to captivate 2014 and promote creativity and originality. The shade, Pantone 18-3224 inspires confidence and emanates joy, love and health." Oh, how very sincerely I wish this upon all those I work with, and the tough task they have to rise again this year! Associates growth was commendable and we all must huddle and grab the opportunity in this first month of 2014. Orchid on!

    It's been a success!

    Recruiting turned out to be something quite different than any of us planned. Joe Simms and I believed one of us would take the responsibility, a big ole plan would fall into place and one person would haul them in, until we reached 100 agents. Instead we learned it was a matter of listening closely, hearing of someone considering a move for unpredictable (and predictable) reasons, spreading that news amongst the whole management team and then, pouncing in whatever manner was required. It was the team that pulled each of TWENTY, YES 20! new agents into the Associates office this year.

    As I make my way back to New York, spring is planned for exit, it will be the growth of the office, not just in agent count, but in communication between this good management team and their willingness to care and show it, of which I will be most proud. Our efforts to teach, classes every Thursday for Tom Ferry's excellent Sales Power course, and Brian Buffini's beefed up 100 Days to present day Peak Performance have clearly put us over the top in terms of where an agent can benefit. By placing themselves in an office where whichever way they choose to turn, to level out, to grow as an individual or assemble a team, we have the tools they need, ongoing, every day. Plus, we don't stop there -- workshops on every subject, finance, the law and smaller groups birthed from this to support each other, encouraging extra effort and individualism to impress the most experienced! 2014 will be a good year for Associates and maybe some serious relief to having survived so well, the recession which shook everyone everywhere.